Private Training

Our trainers will assess your fitness goals and create an intense interval-training regimen that quickly blasts fat and builds lean muscle. We focus heavily on technique and emphasize effective stretching. Private training is Sculpted Fitness Studio’s most popular training program and is offered for 30- or 60-minute sessions in our safe and secure studio.


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Group Training

We offer diverse high-intensity group training sessions by a certified trainer. Sculpted Fitness Studio caters to all physical levels and abilities, easily modifying exercises to work specifically for you. You will be driven to challenge your maximum effort and continuously set that bar higher.

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Results Tracking

Knowing where you stand is crucial to staying on track with your fitness goals. Sculpted Fitness Studio uses the latest technology to easily take monthly measurements so you always know of your progress to keep improving.

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Since 1993

Get Results. Feel The Difference.

At Sculpted Fitness Studio, we take the time to understand your needs, create realistic plans with measurable results, and hold you accountable to reach your fitness goals. We focus on blasting fat, toning and building sexy lean muscle, and creating healthy habits in fitness and wellness for your life!


Core Values

Commitment and Determination:  We believe success is attainable by setting realistic goals, committing to them, and being determined to see them through—no matter what.

Teamwork and Encouragement: Our focus for our team and those we serve centers around teamwork and encouragement for every person to reach their maximum potential.

Connection: We provide a relationally-focused atmosphere based upon emotional support, trust, and safe and secure communication.

Inspire: Our goal is to inspire a sense of hopefulness and passion to achieve new levels of personal growth.

Service:  We strive to exceed the expectations of those we serve.

We are your weight loss and nutrition specialists.

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The Sculpted Fitness Studio Team


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Preparation is key

Our Mission

To EMPOWER any individual to believe that anything they fully commit to (mind, body, and spirit) can be attained.

Sculpted Fitness Studio offers personalized solutions to weight loss fast!

It’s tough to get into shape for anyone, and we all have our insecurities. That’s okay.

We understand.

Come to our studio in Sunderland, Maryland for a complimentary high-energy workout and see for yourself that we are the perfect trainers for you!

We focus on getting results with elite interval-training techniques that boost your metabolism, maximize fat burn, and increase lean muscle building. These accelerate fat loss by naturally increasing your energy expenditure when you are training and resting!

It’s time for you to get into the best shape of your life!

Our expert team of trainers will help you set your weight loss goals by creating a plan to quickly reach your targets and, most importantly, HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE! At Sculpted Fitness Studio our strategies include intense, diversified fitness training and effective healthy-eating tactics personalized to you.


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