Private Training

This is our entry training program that we recommend completing first before joining the group training.  At Sculpted Fitness Studio, our private training helps you become comfortable with the movements and our style of training. Once you have completed the recommended sessions (based on your goals), you can choose to either continue your private training or switch to the group training. Nutrition counseling is also offered to support your progress and maintain your results.

Our private training consists of 30- or 60-minute personal sessions that targets fat loss, lean muscle building, and intense strength training with an attentive certified trainer. A challenging, motivational program within your comfort zone will be custom built for you, with focus on the importance of proper form and technique.

Sculpted Fitness Studio trainers will help motivate you and offer support and encouragement as you push towards reaching your fitness goals. In turn, our goal is to inspire you to get excited about fitness and accomplish more than you ever thought possible. If you’ve never exercised a day in your life, if you take spin classes a couple days a week, or if you’re an accomplished athlete; we can make you better.

Good health isn’t just about exercising or eating right, it’s multifactorial. Mental, physical, social, and nutritional factors all play a role in health and need routine maintenance. Sculpted Fitness Studio trainers are dedicated to making sure you find your balance to reach your goals.



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