Meet Seth

Hi! I’m Seth Caron.

I’m passionate about good health and fitness. I strive to expand my knowledge everyday so I can help my clients achieve their fitness goals and beyond. I’m grateful that I get to work with such amazing people every single day and help them achieve the impossible through my work at Sculpted Fitness Studio!

Similar to some of you, I grew up with body insecurities. I was the “chubby” kid and was insecure about it. However, my father and brother were into fitness, and they inspired and taught me how to use fitness to build lean muscle and, more importantly, self-esteem. They showed me how to believe in myself and how to be empowered through working out.

Now, I eat, breath, and live fitness and good health, and I do for my clients exactly what my father and brother did for me. I spend time getting to know you so I can inspire and motivate you to build belief and confidence in yourself through better fitness and nutrition.

I am an outside-the-box thinker who realizes a gym regimen is good for some, but it gets old fast! At Sculpted Fitness Studio, we focus on providing measurable weight loss, toning, and muscle building results in a safe environment for clients that may not feel comfortable walking into a stale gym atmosphere.

There’s zero intimidation factor at Sculpted Fitness Studio. We are focused on making people feel better about themselves and comfortable throughout the process:

  1. We help our clients create the mindset to commit to long-term fitness, then we use their preferences and tolerances to build a personalized plan to achieve it.
  2. We moderate and adjust it along the way to maximize results, so you can SEE the results of your efforts.
  3. We also MEASURE your progress as you achieve your personal fitness goals and work to remove any interference that may be blocking your way.

All of these can be achieved in private training, group training, or through online training and support.

I can’t wait to meet you and get started!


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